Thursday, November 17, 2005

WHAT'S UP? West Egg Literati 11.13.2005 Meeting

4 pm. Coffee News, Saint Paul, MN.

In our meeting today, we came up with a basic structure for what West Egg might look like in an average semester. Now the idea of this structure is that it is a skeleton which can be added to as we learn more about the demand of the student body.

Each semester, we would commit to holding 3 events. These events would allow us not to reinvent the wheel each semester…give us a template to work from (so to speak). Those events are as follows:

1. Fun event (like bowling, sledding, etc.)
a. This event would be held at the beginning of the semester and treated as the ‘get to know you event’ the way we had envisioned the BLB October 9 thing.

2. Midpoint writing event
a. This event would be held in the middle of the semester (end of October/beginning of November)
b. We could meet at a coffee shop/museum/something of that nature to discuss enrollment for the next semester (who’s taken what class, who’s taken which profs, etc) and do some writing activities. We could talk about our work. This kind of thing.
i. At this event we could make it available to students to break into their genres as well as connect with people of other genres.

3. Scheduled student reading
a. This event would happen at the end of the semester.
b. We could do this on campus somewhere like the auditorium in GLC (someplace familiar to people that isn’t too large and that we wouldn’t have to pay for…at least for the first event). P.S. Pat, what do you think about this? Is it do-able? Would we be able to serve wine and food?
c. We’re thinking that at least for the first event, we could create it as an open mic night (we would have people sign up when they arrived, asking them to bring no more than 5 to 10 minutes worth of work).
i. This would be our next ‘event’ and it would be held on Sunday, December 18. From 7-9 (again, these are suggestions. Please speak up if you have others). If the event was going well, we can always move off campus.

All of that being said, there were a few other proposals:

1. That we put in works a ‘publication’ which could be distributed via PDF…like a lit mag of sorts (but we wouldn’t charge anything). Students could submit work (of course we’d put limits on it) and we could email it. This way we’d be connecting with students who can’t make it into the cities or who don’t have time for an event. It’s still a way for them to connect in a really organized way. And also to get comfortable sharing our work without being in the room…ya know like people who get published do.
2. That we do the Informational Sessions the week of December 5. It would be from 5:30 to 6 Monday through Thursday, and we would have a West Egg rep or 2 sit inside the doors of GLC with a poster, some copies of a survey, and a big smile. Maybe some fliers for the upcoming event. Just something to start a dialogue with students about what they are wanting (if anything) in an organization like this.
3. We create a logo.
4. We create a mailing/contact list. I know we tried to do this at the last event, but…well…y’all were there.
5. That we can organize events as the semester goes: like organized outings to readings at The Loft, and the opportunity to go out for drinks and discussion afterward.

Did I forget anything? How does this look?