Sunday, April 30, 2006


Next Saturday, May 6 at 4 PM West Eggers will be meeting to discuss summer plans for keeping the community connected.

This meeting will happen in Uptown (at Tum Rup Thai on the corner of Lake and Fremont).

We will go no longer than 1 hour, so come prepared with your ideas for the summer.

At 5 PM, we will head over to the new Lit 6 space to help them inaugurate their new classrooms and learn more about some opportunities we might have with them over the summer.


Don't forget that spot on your calendar for May 13...big end-of-the-year Open Mic.

This will be at the Langford Park Mansion (2201 Scudder Street, suite #3…which is one block west of Cleveland Avenue and one block south of Como Avenue in Saint Paul’s St. Anthony Park…think U of M/Muffaletta area). The party starts at 7:30, reading starts at 8,
drinks and great work from students to ensue! (Look for the official notice in your classrooms, emails, around campus, and of course, our lovely blog.)